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Cypress Skincare review

I first discovered Cypress Skincare when I received their Foot Love product in my February Kloverbox. I was so impressed that I started talking to Patti on Instagram and email and she offered me the chance to try Body Love. I didn’t hesitate at all when I said yes please!

I need to say right away that I absolutely LOVE Cypress Skincare! I can’t get enough of their products and I am definitely going to purchase the whole line. This weekend they are running a special too. Use the code HEMP for 20% off 4 oz. products and gift sets.

Here is a reminder of what I said about Foot Love in my review in Feb.

My feet can definitely use some TLC at the moment so I have been using this Cypress Skincare Foot Love overnight. It is peppermint scented and 100% organic, cruelty free and vegan. My feet feel so soft so this is really working for me.

And a reminder of what I said about Face Love in my review in Apr.

I use Face Love twice a day and my skin is looking and feeling so healthy.  I have even had a couple of comments about my skin this past week and I tell them all about Face Love and where they can purchase as I love the product so much.

And now to review Body Love, as you can tell I use Cypress Skincare from head to toe (or I will as soon as I buy Hair Love and the Pure Love Cleanser) and I recommend them totally. I use Body Love on my arms and legs and it calms, soothes and nourishes my skin. I never have to worry about any dry itchy skin when I use Body Love.

Cypress Skincare is handcrafted in Laguna Beach (one of my favourite places) with only the finest 100% organic oils. The product card mentions that all Cypress Skincare products are “specially formulated to optimize absorption for each skin type” and I could tell that right away. The products just melt into my skin and absorb so nicely.