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Birchbox The Magic Inside Box

Birchbox The Magic Inside Box

Don’t you just love the summer subscription boxes, I know Lindi, Tom and I do and I can say honestly that we use everything in them (or share/swap with each other).  I love when I unbox and there’s a couple of my most favourite brands in there.  Birchbox always comes through! 

So here’s what I got this month!

Benefit Cosmetics
They’re Real!
Double The Lip in Dusty Rose | full size, $20

Yes Benefit is one of my favourite brands, I love everything from the packaging, the cute 50’s style slogans and of course the product itself.  I’m sure this will become one of my favourite lipsticks.   As you will see from the pic, there’s two colours. You line the lip with the top, sharper end and fill with the bottom shade, GENIUS!!  It gives you the fuller lip look.  

Emilia Eau de Parfum | full size, $72

Funny I just got another sample of a TOCCA perfume in my Sephora box, they are totally different scents but equally as lovely, another one to pop in my handbag for the summer. 

Brighten up!®
New Skin Amplifying Moisturizer | full size, $34

Another product I’ve tried before, love it and it will be coming with me to Scotland, don’t you just love samples for travelling! This moisturizer is packed full of amazing ingredients such as avocado, aloe vera, vitamins E and C and oat kernel which together are all deeply hydrating. 

Bumble and Bumble
Don’t Blow It | Full size $31

Bumble and Bumble is by far my most favourite hair product EVER!   I love every single product and I’m quite sure I’ve tried them all. It’s pretty pricey so I just love getting a wee sample now and again.  This is a Cream you put in your hair if you feel like letting it air dry, I have a lot of those days and this is perfect product for it.  It won’t weigh your hair down, if you have a natural curl or wave, it will only enhance it. Try it, you will not be disappointed!!  Oh and it smells amazing! 

Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask | full size, $19.50

So yes, we are all loving putting charcoal on our faces, why?? because it works!  I have been able to test a few charcoal masks and cleansers over the last few months and I’m always happy with how clean and refreshed my skin feels.  This exfoliates too (most do) I tried it last night and loved how easy it was to rinse off, skin felt so soft after.  Love it!