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Lust Box review

Honestly, my total exposure to well-dressed Scandinavian men before I started getting Lust Box was Fredrik from Million Dollar Listing New York (OK, I guess my guilty secret is out…. I also miss Luis), so getting an insight into Norwegian chic was an eye-opener.

Zero UV sunglasses – $25

Now these aren’t my usual style (I rock a cheap white plastic frame day-to-day), but apparently these ‘don’t look terrible’ on me (thanks to my loving and supportive wife for that). These Zero UV glasses are rather dashing and I am a fan.

Tom Astin lapel pin – $17

Confession time – I’ve never actually worn a lapel pin (if you can name one of your family and friends who has, you move in higher circles than I do). This Tom Astin pineapple pin though, is lush.

Aus Cufflinks tie – $20

This Aus Cufflinks tie is 100% being worn next time I go somewhere smart. All the way from Australia (not a Nordic country last time I looked), it’s Paisley and purple lined and awesome.

Lust Box pocket square – $ 15

I need to use more pocket squares as accessories (my English upbringing means I usually end up blowing my nose on them), and this Lust Box square will go a long way to starting my journey.

All in all I can’t say enough good things about Lust Box. Awesome accessories for $40/month delivered free all the way from Norway. Every time I get a box, I get a little more well dressed. And with code MBA25, you good good people get 25% off your 1st order. Værsågod.