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Disney Magical Surprise review

Yes, OK. I’m a big kid at heart and really really like to go to Disneyland (and Disney World, I’m not picky). Somewhat for the rides, somewhat for the food, but mostly for the pin trading. And that’s why Magical Surprise is such a great box for me.

Cast pin

I didn’t take this pin out of its sealed plastic package, because somewhere deep inside I think this makes it more valuable. This is a cast pin for the Facilities & Operations Services department and think it is pretty f’n cool to get my hands on a pin that only people who work at Disney can usually have. Yay.

Classics of Animation pin

This is a super heavyweight pin, probably made when you could buy a ton of steel for a couple of shiny nickels, and still have change to take your gal to the movies. Old time Pooh and friends, with Tigger (‘Boing’) taking the role as the director. I love this double backed (two pointy bits) pin.

Magical Surprise has something for everyone in their range of subscriptions – everything from $10 – 100 depending on how much you want to receive each month. I get the Common Pin Magical Surprise for $10/month and honestly, I haven’t seen a pin yet that I would class as ‘common’. Also, because we’re so great here, using MBA when you check out will get you $5 off your 1st order!!