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UrthBox review

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to try out so many sna…… ah who am I kidding? It’s GREAT to check out so many snacks!! UrthBox is another cool snacking subscription box and I look forward to receiving it every month.

Road Crew Crunch – $3.99/4oz bag

Dark chocolate, peanuts, rice puffs and pretzels. I’ll admit it, I was in love with Road Crew Crunch before I even opened the package. After the first couple of bites, I was completely infatuated.

Greens plusbar energy – $2.91/bar

This Greens plusbar looked pretty dense when I unwrapped it, but the texture was very smooth. It tasted a bit like a superfoods smoothie which I normally reject, but in bar form, it was actually quite nice. I took a couple of bites (because I had a lot of other snacks to try) and there wasn’t a bad aftertaste like with smoothies.

Fruit bliss organic Turkish mini apricots – $5.58/5oz bag

These mini apricots were so very juicy – not at all what I expected. They were also dark in colour, which was again a surprise. Didn’t detract from the taste though, these Fruit Bliss mini apricots were delicious!

Nuttzo 2 go Peanut Pro nut butter – $1.39/package

This is not your average one nut nut butter as the Nuttzo 2 go Peanut Pro is made of 7 nuts and seeds. I have to say that compared to some other nut butters that I won’t mention, this fared extremely well. I’m not a fan of nut butter, but I would try this one again for sure.

Scheckter’s Organic Energy drink (mint) – $?

I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect from this Scheckter’s Organic drink. Green Tea and mint didn’t sound a very appetizing flavour for my pick-me-up. You know that feeling when you are very wrong about something? That. This was really, really tasty. I am a huge fan.

Oxylent sparkling berries multivitamin – $25.95/30 day supply

I was 100% expecting gummies when I opened this Oxylent sparkling berries multivitamin package. Turns out it was a soluble powder that I made into a drink. It tasted a little like Alka Seltzer, but the berry flavour was definitely there. Hey, if it delivers the vitamins without tasting terrible, it’s a win in my book.

Items I have had in other boxes

Boom chicka pop sea salt popcorn- this has become the de facto king of popcorn (at least in our house)

Hippeas ‘maple haze’ – a wonderfully tasty alternative to chips

Ips Chips ‘white cheddar’ – another great alternative, soooooo cheesy

Dolcetto chocolate wafer bites – melt in your mouth, can’t get enough

Creme de Pirouline – crunchy, flaky, chocolatey

Enstrom almond toffee – crunchy and chewy, makes your dentist cringe

UrthBox is so good at delivering great snacks every month – admittedly this month there were quite a lot of items I have tried before in other boxes, but this is no bad thing. Each snack I had tried before was one of my favourites. There was no ‘Awwww not that again’. Keep it up UrthBox, this is great!