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Stuffy Nose Strips review

As soon as I saw these Stuffy Nose Strips on Instagram I had to try them out as I have terrible allergies and sinuses so I am always looking for a solution to help alleviate my sinus issues.

I liked that these Stuffy Nose Strips go on your cheeks and not on your nose because as silly as it sounds I feel a bit claustrophobic when I have something on my nose.

I have tested these out a few times now and noticed a difference in my sinuses the day after using them. The only thing I would recommend is that you are very careful when removing the next morning as they are very sticky. I learned my lesson the hard way and my cheeks were a bit sore as I removed them way too quickly! Another good trick is to remove the strips with warm water and soap.

We also received some Performance Strips which increases airflow for athletes and also protects eyes from glare. We have a couple of friends who play soccer so I’m going to pass these Performance Strips on to them to test out.

Stuffy Nose Strips and Performance Strips both cost $12.99 for 30 and can be purchased on Amazon. I would recommend watching the How To video on the Stuffy Nose Strips website. It’s great and shows you how to apply the Stuffy Nose Strips. I’m so happy with this product!