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Love With Food review

Not only does Love With Food deliver crazy good snacks every month, for each box purchased, meals are donated to hungry children. How cool is that?

Jackson’s Honest sweet potato chips – $3.99/5oz bag

I’ve tried products from this company before, but never the Jackson’s Honest sweet potato chips. They were everything I have come to expect from this company – simple, delicious and extremely moreish (in fact, I struggled to stop eating them – only the knowledge I had a whole box to get through halted me). Highly, highly recommended.

Glutino gluten free pretzel twists – $4.49/8oz bag

Many pretzel companies have come and gone across these pages, with various degrees of success. These Glutino gluten free pretzel twists are here to stay, however. Just the right side of salty (others go either too much or not enough) and crunchy for dayzzzzz. All the yes.

Lance gluten free peanut butter sandwich crackers – $?

These Lance gluten free peanut butter sandwich crackers were…very, very nutty indeed. This is no bad thing (why be only a little bit nutty?) and coupled with the crunch (that’ll be the fact that they are baked) make for a very good (tiny) snack.

Banza Chickpea Mac & Cheese – $?

I don’t eat Mac & Cheese (ask me not why – something to do with the texture, I think. Either that or a traumatic childhood incident I have wiped from my memory) so this Banza Chickpea pasta is all Lindi. Lindi here – I wasn’t sure what to expect from this mac & cheese but it was so delicious. Definitely doesn’t taste like the “traditional Mac & Cheese” because of the chickpea pasta texture but I really liked it.

Made Good chocolate banana granola bar – $?

I was convinced I’d had this Made Good chocolate banana granola bar in a previous box but my browser history said otherwise, so with gusto I tore open the wrapper. Dense, chewy and the banana taste didn’t so much hit me as climb into my mouth, do 12 rounds with Ali and then dance a jig. Wow. So good.

Bakery on Main maple multigrain muffin oatmeal – $5.99/5oz box

I start most days with oatmeal (even in the summer), so this Bakery on Main maple multigrain muffin instant oatmeal intrigued me. If I was going to be super picky, I would have liked a touch more maple flavour, but this oatmeal was overall incredibly nice. It was different to other instant oatmeals I have had, more natural and authentic. I would definitely buy if I saw it on the shelf.

La Panzanella multigrain crocantini – $?

These La Panzanella crocantini would go really well with a blob of bruschetta paste or tapenade (and a glass of really cold pinot grigio). Thin, crispy and tasty. Takes me back to all the trips to Italy from years ago.

Yummi bears sugar free multi vitamin – $22.99/30 day supply

These Yummi bears sugar free multi vitamins look like teeny gummy bears (obvs) and the tropical fruit taste is there (but not too strong because kids). There’s an odd aftertaste that might be my mouth wanting more tropical fruit. These aren’t terrible as vitamin gummies go.

Wowbutter – $?

Admittedly I don’t have a bar that this Wowbutter can come under or over never having tasted peanut butter (this is toasted soybutter), but to me it seems not to taste of peanuts. Or butter.

 Items I have had in other boxes

Dolcetto cookies and cream wafer bites – these are literally the best sweet snack I have ever tasted.

Mandy’s rich chocolate cookie thins – a close second to the above. Rich, crunchy, delicious.

Enlightened garlic & onion roasted broad beans – a great alternative to chips or chick peas!

Because Love with Food is so ace not only does your subscription see snacks delivered to your door from as low as $7.99/month, clicking any Love With Food link in this post and using code BFF will get you $5 off when you subscribe. Yay.