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Daily Goodie Box review

What’s better than free? There’s not much that you can get in life for absolutely free, except Daily Goodie Box. You get a whole bunch of full size items. Free. No charge. Gratis.

Prince of Peace ginger candy – $?

I love a good ginger candy (strangely it seems to be a very popular item in snack boxes), and these Prince of Peace candies absolutely hit the spot. Chewy – so chewy – and with one heck of a ginger zing. The online shopping portion of the site was under maintenance, so it was difficult to find the price, but I recommend seeking them out to buy.

Tiger Balm patch – $?

I used to use Tiger Balm regularly back in the UK and not just for pain relief. Rubbing a little on the temples (mind your eyes!) and back of the neck was perfect for a little pick up when feeling sleepy. These Tiger Balm pain relieving patches work wonders on my sore back (and I’ll 100% be putting this to use following a recent ‘working party’ – read ‘come to our house and fix it party’).

Kicking Horse coffee – $16.27/454g

This Kick Ass Bold coffee from Kicking Horse was smooth, bold, strong and so tasty. The full size pack means we’ll be drinking this for the next few weeks. It’s really easy to drink (if you drink a lot of coffee, you’ll know that some blends are not that easy), and I happily polished off 3 cups very quickly. Weeeeeee.

Natralia Happy Little Bodies Eczema Body Wash & Shampoo – $12.99/6 fl. oz

Although this Natralia Happy Little Bodies Eczema Body Wash & Shampoo is aimed at the younger customer, I will be trying it out as I have mild psoriasis on my head. It has a scent that actually (and bizarrely) reminds me of my cricket kit bag from my youth. Random.

Andalou Naturals uplifting face cream – $24.95/1.7 fl. oz

This was a single use sample of the Andalou Naturals Hyaluronic DMAE lift & firm cream and I naturally handed this over to Lindi to try. Lindi here – this is a really good brand and this product gets great reviews so I couldn’t wait to try it out. I used it the other day and loved the scent and how quickly it absorbed into my skin.

Viter Energy caffeinated breath mints – $4.99/20

First things first. What is this Wintergreen flavour that only exists in North America. It. Is. Foul. Now on to the Viter Energy caffeinated breath mints – they were actually not terrible despite the taste (I would buy the spearmint variety for sure). Long lasting, strong and I think probably the perfect item for the morning after.

Swago cologne wipe – $4.99/4

Maybe another item to keep in your pocket when you go for a night out (along with the caffeine mint above), this Swago cologne wipe can freshen even the grungiest of funks after an evening of indulgence. This red package was the ‘Legend’ scent – notes of grapefruit, ginger and mandarin. Very manly and I liked it a lot.

Ona cookies – peanut butter – $2.59/2

These Ona peanut butter cookies were dense, chewy and the peanut butter flavour was delicate and not overpowering. Really tasty and whilst a little on the expensive side ($1.25 for 2 bites!) I’d probably buy them for a treat.

Georgia Grinders peanut butter – $6/12 oz jar

We got a 3 oz pouch of the Georgia Grinders creamy peanut butter and it was very nutty. Also very smooth. Also very tasty. I’m not a fan of peanut butter as a genre, but I could see myself eating this.

Volo Vitamins – $?

I have had these Volo Vitamins in many snack boxes. They make perfectly reasonable drinks – quite tasty. Can’t comment on the vitamin element (I mean….it doesn’t give me a buzz or make me feel wonderful instantly, but I’m sure there’s something good going on somewhere).

I may have mentioned this last time we received a Daily Goodie Box, but it’s really, really great that companies will include full sized samples (I mean, this box was probably worth over $45-50 alone). It comes to your door free (no shipping) and is a simply wonderful concept. Go sign up today!