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Raw Spice Bar review

Every month a unique culinary journey. Every month vibrant, sensual spices. That’s what Raw Spice Bar brings, and it does it from only $7/month!

This month we’re going on a Burmese taste exploration and I cannot wait to try some of these flavours.

Tea Leaves Rub

The recipe card calls for this tea leaves rub to be applied to a piece of salmon and I couldn’t agree more. Served with some zesty rice, this sounds delicious and extremely fitting for the area.

Himalayan Pink Salt

We’ve had this salt before in other boxes and it has something about it that’s just…saltier…than other salts. I guess it’s whatever takes your fancy when it comes to seasoning, but this has something that elevates any dish.

Lemongrass Yellow Curry

Now this is a package that sounds delightful, and has two recipe cards. The first is for lemongrass ginger sliders – yes please! The second is for lemongrass coconut milk noodles – also yes please! I can see I am going to have to ration this package.

From $7/month, you too could have delicious, fragrant, expertly curated spices delivered to your door along with some beautiful and tasty recipe cards. A note to Raw Spice Bar – lay off the light coloured packages (yellow, pink) as it makes the labels super hard to read 🙂