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FATCO review

FATCO | Real Food For Your Skin. 
I got the pleasure of trying out some FATCO products this month. Here’s what they sent!
Starting from the top..

Lavender + Rosemary
Lemongrass. | $14 / 2oz. | $24 / 4oz
I do like cleansing with an oil, especially in the winter months.  You use this on dry skin, gently smoothing it into your skin then wiping away with a soft damp washcloth.  Some cleansers can definitely strip your skin of its natural oils. This is a sure way not to do that, it cleanses and feeds your skin at the same time!
Lavender + Rosemary. | $12 / 2oz | $21 / 4oz
I love a spray toner, love the feeling when you spray it after cleansing first thing in the morning, feels so fresh. Unfortunately this one had a distinct vinegar scent.  I still used it, just sprayed it onto a cotton pad. I think it’s a great product but the vinegar smell was definitely a bit off putting.
Lavender + Myrrh. | $46 / 0.5oz
This should be used after cleansing and toning, use a little extra on any areas that need a little extra care.  With ingredients including avocado oil, macadamia oil, lavender essential oil and myrrh essential oils, it certainly smells lovely and is indeed feeding your skin.
Lavender + Clary Sage. | $16 / 2oz | $27 / 4oz | $48 / 8oz
This body butter smells amazing, my favourite scent/essential oil being lavender. My skin has been quite dry so using this after my shower was great for my skin. The texture wasn’t like any body butter I’ve used before. It was more like tiny beads of butter in a tub of oil. Worked the same but strange texture.
ANTI AGING. | $3.99 / sample size | $28 / 1oz | $52 / 2oz
I got a small sample of face cream to try, it was very light and smelled lovely.  I would use it in the daytime over a serum.
WOMEN’S STANK STOP. | $1.99 / sample size
This was a Cream deodorant, meaning you have to use your fingers to apply it. I didn’t really mind that. It worked well even after a workout!
Thank you so much to FATCO for sending us so many cool products to try!