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BookCase Club May: Volume 1 – Strange Worlds

BookCase Club is one of my favourite boxes to get in the mail each month (twice) because I know I’m going to get two books curated perfectly to the themes I have chosen.

The Aeronaut’s Windlass – Jim Butcher – $27.95

The sleeve notes make this sound like it’s about…sky pirates, steam-powered technology and living miles about a shrouded Earth. I’m in! It’s a hefty tome at 630 pages – it will be the longest (and heaviest) book I have read for a while…but it’s about sky pirates, so all is forgiven.

Armada – Ernest Cline – $26

The eagerly awaited (by me) follow up to the amazing, breathtaking, best-book-I’ve-read-for-a-long-time-if-not-ever Ready Player One, Armada by Ernest Cline was a little bit of a let down. I’ve read it already, and whilst it was an OK book, I thing it was definitely written with the knowledge that the 1st book was being made into a movie, so read more like a screenplay. Much like the much-vaunted ‘difficult second album’, this one left me a little disappointed. Not to say it’s a terrible book, it’s not, and if I hadn’t read Ready Player One I would have thought this was amazing. But I enjoyed RP1 so very, very much, that this could never match up.

When BookCase Club arrives on the doorstep for just $9.99/month (plus $5 shipping), it’s a no-brainer. Even taking into account the shipping (which isn’t bad when you think this box contained two thick hardback books), it’s an almost $40 saving on the cover price of these two books. Highly recommended.