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UrthBox review

I’m sitting looking at the overflowing UrthBox and wanting this paragraph to be over so I can get my teeth into this cornucopia of yummy snacks.

Late July sea salt multigrain tortilla chips – $?

These Late July tortilla chips were not too salty, and actually pretty tasty on their own before I even thought about salsa. I think I might hunt out the lime version.

Hannahmax Baking crunchy cookie chips – $4/5oz bag

I have had the chocolate version of these Hannahmax Baking Crunchy Cookie Chips in another box, but these sea salted peanut butter variety were new to me. I just had to hide the bag. These were amazing. Otherwordly amazing. You seriously must make these part of your treat cycle. In-credible.

Deep River Honchos – peach habanero – $?

The regular Deep River chips are pretty special, so I was really looking forward to these peach habanero Honchos and they did not disappoint. Sweet at first, fiery after, they are a great tortilla chip. Really crunchy too – can’t wait to get some salsa on these bad boys.

The Good Crisp Original – $?

All the way from Malaysia, there are no prizes for guessing which snacks these The Good Crisp stacked chips are trying to emulate. They are actually quite different from P******s – much crunchier and a very distinct taste.

ips chips white cheddar – $1.70/bag

These white cheddar ips chips looked to be the same as a couple of other of the same type of snack. Until I tasted them – and they are SO cheesy. So very, very cheesy. A little chewy as opposed to crunchy, which was a little disappointing. But so very, very cheesy.

Your Tea Energy Tea – $0.62/bag

In a bout of cosmic timing, I was really flagging when I wrote this post, so this Your Tea Energy Tea came at just the right time. Couldn’t quite place the flavour but it was very pleasant.

Oldeman cranberry pecan granola – $6/12oz bag

I’m not really a granola person, but this cranberry pecan Oldeman granola was really, really tasty. It formed a kind of flapjack in my mouth, which was…amazing. I am really going to enjoy the rest of this package.

Buddy’s Cinnamon Raisin nut butter – $7/jar

I’m also not a nut butter person (I still have never tasted peanut butter on its own). This Buddy’s Cinnamon Raisin small batch nut butter though…I think the flavoured nature made me like it.

Berry Dark Chocolate Energems – $6/bottle

If you took a giant Smartie and added a little fruit and a lot of energy, you’d get these berry flavoured dark chocolate Energems. And they are divine. Can’t speak to the energy, as I only had one to test the flavour, but they sure were tasty.

Ines Rosales citrus crumble cake – $1/each

The clue is the name, but I still wasn’t ready for quite how crumbly this Ines Rosales citrus crumble cake was going to be. Delicious, sugary, and falling apart like a President who realizes it’s harder than he thought it was going to be.

Genesee Candy Land chocolate covered bacon – $2.50/piece

I saved this Genesee Candy Land chocolate covered bacon until last because….chocolate covered bacon. It is really difficult to explain what happens in your mouth when you take a bite. Confusing for sure, delicious no doubt, but I’m left conflicted (and more than a little ‘My arteries are dying’).

Items I have had in other boxes

Surf sweets – chewy, fruity, delicious

Stur drinks lemonade – lovely lemony drink

So UrthBox has delivered once again. A wide selection of snacks (never thought I’d be tasting chocolate covered bacon) from just $12.99/month. I get the Small box for $19.99/month which guarantees at least 12 snacks. This month was a baker’s dozen of hits. Like your fave radio station, the hits just kept on coming.

I love UrthBox.