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LustBox review

Another delivery from the dapper chaps at LustBox (the previous one must have been delayed on its journey from Norway, or this one came with all the speed of a conquering Viking horde) – and this one is as good as the last!

Tie – $30

The picture doesn’t do this My Suited Life tie justice (I tried, the light just wasn’t right). It’s a deep green redolent of Nordic forests abutting majestic fjords, the diamond details evoking the all day weak winter sun glinting off the ice cold and perfectly calm water. OK, maybe I went a little overboard there. It’s a nice tie.

Socks – $11

Love these Jimmy Lion socks. With the New York skyline lit by a full moon, they will definitely feature on my next work trip to the Big Apple. Not only are they stylish, but they are sooooft too.

Bow Tie – $25

I very rarely wear a bow tie, but next time I do, it will be this John Harris bow tie. I am definitely going to channel Bill Nye and show my (extremely) stylish side. Bonus: it’s pre-tied, so I’m going to save several hours next time I get dressed up to go out (time not spent watching YouTube bow tie tying tutorial videos).

Shoe bag – $14

Definitely need to up my travel wardrobe game, and I think the first step is this LustBox shoe bag. I now have no excuse not to take my shiny dress shoes on my journeys. It’s all about the details.

Relatively new to us here at My Box Addiction, LustBox is becoming a fast favourite. I am definitely going to be more stylish, dapper, well-dressed, sharp – call it what you will, I’ll be it. And because the guys at LustBox are so cool, there’s free shipping! And because the guys at LustBox are so cool, using code MBA25 on checkout will get you 25% off your first order! Did I mention how cool the guys at LustBox are? Great guys, great box.