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Magical Surprise review

Here at My Box Addiction we’re big Disney fans (from the parks to the movies to shows like Once Upon A Time), so the Magical Surprise subscription is a great one for us. My pin boards are….extensive, so this is doubly fitting. We received the Common Pin envelope this month.

Donald Duck pin

Love this pin because not only does it feature the (as usual, pants-free) Donald and his nephews, but the revolving back makes it look like a constant flight of snowballs, just as a repeating cartoon background in a Tom & Jerry episode, for example, limits the amount of drawing an artist had to do.

Disneyland Paris pin

This Limited Edition Disneyland Paris pin is neat. Along the bottom it reads Commemorative Edition Opening Day 1992 and the castle is a vivid pink. I love that it’s a limited edition pin (not sure whether it’s from 1992 or a reissue from 2000, but either way…)

Really enjoying Magical Surprise, and their choice of subscriptions is wide-ranging. From $145 to $10/month there’s something for everyone and if you use the code MBA, you’ll get $5 off your first order.