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Comic Block review

This is what a subscription box called Comic Block should be all about! Comics, comics and more comics!!

(and a shirt)

LARP! Volume 1

This is more of a paperback than a regular comic book and follows a nerd who transfers schools – but a growth spurt and a killer tennis serve put him in with the cool kids. Will he be able to resist the pull of the nerd club, though?

North #1

I really like the style of the art in this new (to me) title. It’s a Kickstarter book and features Canadian characters, so I’m already intrigued. It’s also considerably thicker than a regular comic, so that’s an added bonus.

Riverdale #1

I never grew up with Archie comics being from the UK, and I noticed the Riverdale TV series on Netflix the other day. I’ll read this for sure, but I think my nieces will more than likely be getting this one.

The Sovereigns #0

You can’t go wrong with a skull on the cover, so The Sovereigns had me before I even opened it. Despite maybe expecting to find this set on a dusty planet, a quick flick through shows it’s based in a modern city. Very interested to see how that pans out.

Jean & Scott #1

The photo doesn’t show this well, but this book is about half the size of a regular comic. Apparently it is an X-Men parody looking at two of the characters (Phoenix and Cyclops) when they are relaxing at home. A fun take on the traditional comic genre.

Off the back of the parody book above, this is Jean (Phoenix) showing her lighter side. Will display for a bit, but not much longer than that.

Knight Guardians of Relativity #1

The synopsis of this comic sounds incredible – here’s the first sentence: ‘The Fourth Great War brought the world death and devastation. In order to protect the six remaining City States, the Knight Guardians must fend off those who wish to harness the immortal powers of the Relativity Machine.’ This is everything a comic should be.

Bad Moon Rising #1 – Humbug #1

The last printed items in the box – I received these two out of a possible four titles (not sure what the deal is there). One is about werewolves and bikers, the other about Ebenezer Scrooge in his post-Christmas Carol role as a ghost hunter. Both sound weird. Both sound amazing.

Deadpool shirt

As if 8 (count them…eight) comics wasn’t enough, I also got a super-awesome Deadpool shirt. Showing the sword-wielding comic freak, I think this one will make a regular appearance in the rotation.

Did I mention there were eight (count them…8) comics in this box? That’s pretty outstanding. Comic Block has outdone itself this month, with the value of the comics alone coming in at $32-35 (I had to guess on a couple). Starting at $19.99/month, this Comic Block knocks the socks off the words value for money.