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Brevena review

Brevena is a Minnesota based company so I had the pleasure of meeting up in person to pick up the products.  From the packaging to the luxurious feel of the products, I can’t say enough good things about this company.  With Macro B Complex being a big part of their ingredients, which is so good for hydrating and as protective barrier, this is a beautiful collection of skin care!
Daily Hydration Moisturizer. | $79 / 2 OZ
I use this on my face and neck after cleansing, toning and serum. It sure does feel luxurious on your skin. I felt my skin was glowing all day and if you are putting your make up on first thing in the morning this is a good primer. My skin also felt hydrated and the tiny lines might be starting to fade a bit.  I will continue to use this and see how my skin is at the end of the 2-3 months, yes I got full size samples!!
 Restore and Hydrate
Overnight Cream. | $89 / 2 OZ
This Overnight Cream also claims to minimize crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles, tones and firms the skin, provides hydration and luminosity.   Now I am a big fan of night creams but this one wasn’t as heavy as I would have liked so I’m thinking that maybe in the summer I’ll bring it out again. My skin is still quite dry (Minnesota weather…), on the other hand, my husbands skin is slightly on the oily side so for him it’s perfect!
Restorative Skin Balm. | $49 / 1 OZ
This is my favourite product from Brevena! I have a few dry, itchy patches on my legs and this really does work wonders.  It does everything it says on the box!  I put it on my legs last thing at night and there is no more itching. Before this I was waking up during the night scratching my legs.  Dry patches will soon be gone thanks to this amazing product.
Brevena are always giving discounts and special prices when you buy more than 1 product.  If you have skin problems like dry itchy skin or burns, this is the product line for you!
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