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Sticker Swaps review

A new subscription to us here at My Box Addiction, Sticker Swaps is a UK-based company (ships to anywhere FREE) that sends what can only be described as funky stickers to fellow ‘addicts’ every month.

Now I’ve been know to plaster the odd laptop (and ring binder…and exercise book…and wall…and bed frame…and bedside table…and once the cat) with stickers all my life, so when this envelope arrived, I was super intrigued to see what was inside.

Intrigued by the URL on the packaging, I followed the link and it turned out to be a post on Medium. The guys behind Sticker Swaps (James & Simone) explained that they had listened to feedback and instead of random stickers, each month would now feature specific sticker artists. That’s a pretty neat evolution.

Cocorino (tomato, burger, Stay Puft) – pure lines, simple designs. I really like this guy’s style.

Karina Rehrbehn (pug) – this dog looks stoned.

Nolart (street art alien) – definitely something my brother would consider getting tattooed on his body.

Emma Brett (skulls) – gnarly.

Steve Hind (coffee machine) – don’t really get this one.

Kvachi (sushi) – much like the Cocorino ones, I love the simplicity.

From just $9/month, all of this lovely sticker-iness (Stickiness? Sticker-ocity?Awe-sticker?) can be yours. But wait! Using code LINDI50 can get you 50% off your first month’s subscription.

If you have kids, know kids, or are a big kid yourself (guilty) Sticker Swaps could be a great ‘try it for a while’ option. You’ll probably find yourself addicted.

Sorry (?)