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Ballot Box April review

Ballot Box is a new box to us here at My Box Addiction and a new box in the subscription box world. I have been reading their website and honestly I feel like this is a box that would be good for everyone right now. This box contains “something for everyone who is exhausted and burned out from the current political climate.” The theme for April is Anti-Fatigue Kit.

J Davis Designs Custom Designed Postcards

I used to send postcards all the time and definitely got out of the habit. I’ll be using these J Davis Designs Custom Designed Postcards to send to friends and I like that the product pamphlet reminded us about the postcard campaign to inundate Paul Ryan on tax day and provided the address.

DoughForIt Im-Peach-Mint Stress Dough ($4)

I loved this DoughForIt Im-Peach-Mint Stress Dough as soon as I saw it. I am giving this to my friend who gets worked up every time she sees anything about Trump on TV (all the time!). This is so clever and made just for Ballot Box.

Mad Bear Beauty Shower Tablet & Bath Bomb ($3 for mini bath bomb and $3.50 for shower steamer)

We definitely all need to chill and relax from the stress of our day to day life (and the current climate) so these items from Mad Bear Beauty will come in very handy! They smell amazing and I’m definitely going to use them this week.

Madi’s Awesome Amazing Lip Balm ($2.50)

Madi’s Awesome Amazing Lip Balm is made by a 7 year old girl who though that people haven’t been so nice to everyone since the election. She made this lip balm that smells like lemon cupcakes and a painting that says Everybody is Amazing. We need more people like Madi in this world!

Howell’s Products Reclaimed Wood Soap Tray ($2)

It’s funny how you don’t realize you need something until you receive it in a subscription box. My nieces get most of our soap but they don’t have a nice tray to put them on in their bathroom. This Howell’s Products Reclaimed Wood Soap Tray is perfect and they are going to love it.

Yellow Bellied Sweets Almond Brittle

Another item that was made just for Ballot Box is this Yellow Bellied Sweets Almond Brittle. It was absolutely delicious and didn’t last long in our house.

Mama Macs Caramels ($3)

We received 3 caramels to try from Mama Macs Caramels in the flavours green apple, turtle and salted. I’m not a huge fan of caramels but Tom enjoyed them very much.

Southern Euphoria Soap ($3)

This Southern Euphoria Soap wasn’t on the product card but was included in the box to go with the soap tray. We received the Pikake and Pineapple scent which is so nice. I love trying out all these new fancy soaps and it fits nicely in the Anti-Fatigue Kit theme of this box.

Personal Journal ($1)

My personal journal had the saying “Be the Type of Person You Want to Meet” on the front and this is so true. I always strive for this but the journal will be a constant reminder.

We also received a coupon for a free e-book from Dr Kelly McMichaels which is called How to Cope in a Time of Hate. I’ll definitely be checking out this book.

Ballot Box Resistor box is $29.99 per month and decreases in price with prepaid subscriptions. You can use code MAY17 for 20% off 1st box. It is hard to put a price on all the items included but I thought the curation of the box was awesome and I love how Ballot Box has decided to do something positive with the feelings that have come into existence after the election. You can also subscribe to Ballot Box Resistor Lite for $16.99 per month. Keep checking Ballot Box website for increased subscription options.