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Bookcase Club Review Part 1 – Strange Worlds

I continue to be impressed by Bookcase Club  – both the choice of titles and the value for money. Try getting two quality books for $9.99 anywhere else….I dare you.

Bookcase Club

Beyond Redemption – Michael R. Fletcher $15.99

Just the sleeve notes for this one leave me both confused and wanting more. The description is very dystopian – innocent children who need to ascend to become gods or else the delusional men and women will…..well, who knows? Super intrigued to get my teeth into this one!

Zero World – Jason M. Hough $27

The notes had me at ‘near-future’ spy thriller, but I read the rest out of sheer curiosity. Missing spaceship crew members, tears in the fabric of space and a world that is Earth’s twin – wow. Right in my wheelhouse.

Two amazing-sounding novels this month – can’t wait to get into these. Each genre available delivers quality books each time and for $9.99/month – you just can’t beat Bookcase Club for value. But if you want even more – use code GET10 for 10% off your first order!