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Comic Block review

It’s always great to see what Comic Block is going to deliver when I rip into it. As a sub-division of the wider Nerd Block empire, it’s rare that there’s a dud. Quality merch, and of course comics.

The Comics

Alien Toilet Monsters #1 (although could also be #2 – tee hee)

Yeah, you read that right. Someone, somewhere, decided Alien Toilet Monsters would be a title that would sell. I’m intrigued to see how this goes down (probably clockwise, in a swirling motion, with a lot of water), and how the story line develops past 2nd grade humour.

James Bond #1 (could also be #007)

Fan of the films (the earlier ones – anyone who tells me Roger Moore is a better Bond that Sean Connery can expect a fight), so interested to see how it translates to the comic format. I’ve read a Bond novella, but never in comic form.

American Gods #1

A timely release with the upcoming TV show. It’s on a channel I don’t get, so maybe the book will intrigue me enough to pay for the station. Only time will tell.

XO Manowar

This is a really thick book, more of an annual. I have literally no idea what it’s about, and that sometimes is a great way to discover new titles. Very interested to see if this one delivers.

The swag

Harley Quinn and Joker cups

All. The. Yes. These are pretty incredible. I’m more a fan of the red/black than the purple/green, but both are amazing. Can’t wait to bust them out on a summer picnic.

X-Men shirt

Another Wolverine shirt that I probably won’t wear. Seems a bit like it’s trying too hard. I’m sure someone, somewhere will like it though.

Alien Toilet Monsters print

The comic was a push. The print? Nope.

Comic Block is great and a definite must for any avid reader or someone just dipping their toe in the world of comics to see what they like. Try a 3 month subscription if you’re not sure – you will for sure find something to your tastes, and starting at $19.99/month, it’s cheaper than a night out!