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Urth Box review

What is better than receiving a bunch of brand new snacks each month, packed into a small box? That’s what Urth Box is, and it delivers something new and exciting every month.

Fiber Gourmet garlic & herb Thinables – $2.17/6oz bag

I’ve had the sweet cinnamon version of these, but the Fiber Gourmet Garlic Herb Thinables were AMAZING. Where they totally failed in the spelling of fibre (I know, I know!), they totally succeeded in flavour. These little crackers were so strong, each one packing a punch in my mouth. Definitely buy these.

Hannahmax Baking Crunchy Cookie Chips (dark chocolate chip) – $?

I had to physically restrain myself after the first few of these Hannahmax Baking Crunchy Cookie Chips because had I not, I would have finished the entire 6 oz bag in one sitting. These are, by far, some of the nicest cookie chips/mini cookies we’ve ever had here at My Box Addiction. Many have tried, but Hannahmax have succeeded in knocking our socks off.

E-hydrate protein shake – $2.50/38g pack

Regular readers will know I’m not a huge fan of the protein shakes and powders that come in the snack boxes. This e-hydrate protein-on-the-go chocolate shake, however, was very tasty. The production process was quite involved (fill, shake, squeeze, fill, shake), but the final product tasted good. Not chalky like some, but smooth.

Wonderwell Water with Strawberry – $?

Sometimes I get a water in a box and think ‘Wow, water, thanks!’ This Wonderwell water with strawberry, however, is completely different. It was sweet (and I know all the ingredients are natural, so they must have been some sweet strawbs), and very refreshing.

18 Rabbits Jr chocolate cherry granola bar – $1/bar

I’m a fan of the 18rabbits granola bars, but this is the first time trying their Jr range. This chocolate cherry bar isn’t as strong in flavour as the others in the range, but probably as it’s aimed towards kids. The texture is still there though, chewy and sticky and yummy.

Surf Sweets organic fruity bears – $?

Love, love, love these little Surf Sweets organic fruity bears. So tasty. So fruity.

Simply Delish Strawberry jel dessert – $

Points off for not having the URL on the packaging of this Simply Delish Strawberry Jel Dessert. All those point back on, and a whole heap more, for producing a wonderful dessert. Packed with flavour, and weirdly not needing to set in the fridge but at room temperature. Will try again.


I received a selection of Elephantea bags and opted to try out the Chamomile as it was near bed time. Great tasting tea, and a percentage of the profits go to helping save Asian elephants. Go buy some today.

Craving Crusher chocolate smoothie

I’m not even linking to this. It was utterly, UTTERLY foul. The total antithesis of the other protein shake. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT BUYING.

Items I have had in other boxes:

Hometown Bagel sea salt bagel chips – delightful, highly recommended

Pasta Chips spinach-broccoli-kale – I like these, will buy again

Unreal dark chocolate peanut butter cup – decadent, smooth and wonderful

Winner of the Most Random Item award – the fortune cookie. Two of the same advice slip inside, no lottery numbers.

Urth Box is great for the very reasons listed above. Yes, you sometimes get a dud. Mostly, though, there is a wonderful, varied box full of delights that you can either spread out and try throughout the month, or if you are like me pig out over a couple of days. Subscribe today.