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The Music Box December review

This is my second foray into The Music Box, the first being a rip-roaring read which I’m sure everyone enjoyed thoroughly. After the randomness of the first, I was intrigued as to what I’d receive in the second.


Daylight Broadcast – Action!


The first of two EPs from Daylight Broadcast in this box, and from the opening riff (I can say that, now I’m a music journalist), I was almost transported to my happy place. A ‘rock’ (a sweeping genre if ever there was one) band from Texas, there were touches of Green Day, a dab of Blink 182 and lashings of Fall Out Boy. The songs tended to kind of dribble out like…well, like they didn’t quite know how to end a song. They manged to work it out by ‘Not Enough’. If I was on the High School Dance committee and wanted to piss off the principal, I’d book these guys.

Daylight Broadcast – Home is where you make it


I guess you could call this one their ‘early stuff’, as the EP was released in 2009. The sound was much the same, but I will admit that I looked away for a moment (damn you Instagram), and didn’t notice that I was on to Track 4. A bit samey.

Against Grace – Please Don’t Go


I listen to a lot of different genres of music, and Against Grace fall into the Indie Pop subset that I’m quite keen on. A bit electro-pop, a bit indie rock. In fact I’m pretty sure I saw them at Sasquatch doing a magical sunset…set.* I just like their sound. I could listen to a full album from these guys no problem. And I’d enjoy it a lot.


Not the name of a new band (although it really should be), but the ‘extras’ in the box:

1 x The Music Box sticker

1 x Talkie pin

1 x Talkie business card

1 x The Baby Grand info postcard

3 x candy canes (because…Christmas)

A pleasant listen this month – especially Against Grace – and my eardrums weren’t overly offended. I’m a little confused that there were 5 ‘Featured Artists’ listed for November, and I only received 2. I really do like exploring new music, you can find some gems even though you have to sort through some not so great artists to find them. More of the same next month, please, The Music Box.

*I checked, they didn’t play. Must have been someone who sounded a lot like them. Anyway, I rocked. Out.