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MemeBox Superbox #81 Review

This is my first Memebox (pronounced Me Me). I’ll be honest, I was a little frightened of what I might get in the box! I saw the Anniversary box and thought that would be a good place to start. Plus they take PAYPAL! I think I ordered this back in October or something?


Anyway, here’s what was in it!

Tosowoong Bee AC Control Lotion (retail $15) – So this is made of bee venom. I’ve never been stung by a bee before so I’m not even sure if I’m allergic or not…but this is frightening. It’s meant to soothe and neutralize acne prone skin


Unni Recipe Smooth Firming Pact (retail $24) –  “Moist, cushiony formula is infused with galactomyces, bifida and lactobasillus ferments.” Say what?


AHC Whitening Cream (retail $38) – The name says it all. This product is to brighten your skin (apparently something Korean women look for in a product). It also moisturizes and has sunblock. I am a pasty white pale person. I am afraid once again.


RiRe Cool Dr. Scalp + Hot Speed Manicure (retail $11) – Cools scalp temperature to prevent hair loss and remove dead skin sells. Hot manicure penetrates to the cuticles and provides nutrition and a protein layer. My hair is super thick and pretty healthy. I may try this. I may not.


RiRe Capsule Mask Pack (Retail $22) – A spray mask that provides instant moisture. I actually tried this one because I couldn’t stop laughing. Point at face and spray like a mister. I rubbed it in a little bit. My skin feels the same but it wasn’t dry to begin with.


Overall an interesting first MemeBox. I will order again just because I get such a laugh just reading the descriptions of these things!