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NerdBlock December Review

NerdBlock is a Canadian subscription that costs $19.99. Every month so far a tshirt has been included – well worth the value of the box.

Upon opening of this month’s box, the first thing I noticed was that there were TWO t-shirts in the box. I pulled the first shirt out and squealed a little. I’m just going to be honest, I’m a giant Harry Potter nerd. I have read and re-read the books at least 5 times each. I’ve seen all the movies many times over and I have nerdy Harry Potter reference items (like pens that say Mischief Managed on them) scattered around my work desk. So this t-shirt is the most amazing item I’ve ever gotten.


NerdBlock t-shirts fit smaller than normal t-shirts (very fitted) and I hadn’t changed my settings for a bigger size so it’s a bit tight. I’ve put on about 5lbs since getting back from my wedding and this just kick started my motivation. I ended up working out for an hour yesterday to be able to fit into the most amazing shirt ever!


The second shirt is a pretty awesome Zelda shirt. I never played Zelda growing up but obviously Link is pretty iconic.


Another item that really hit home was the Gizmo Gremlins Plush. It’s heavy and super creepy (I always found Gizmo extremely creepy, not cute). Growing up I had a cat named Gizmo. My sister saw Gremlins as an 8 year old and had to sleep with a light on for a month. She found a kitten in a box by her school and took it home and named it Gizmo.


I have no idea what Kre-O is. But these were in the box!


I got this same notebook in my iJustine fancy box .Not sure what to do with one, let alone two?


And then, the promised Val Kilmer or Warwick Davis signed Willow print. I hated Willow. But it’s pretty cool to get an autographed photo in the box!IMG_4524 IMG_4525

Overall an amazing box by NerdBlock!